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These Pet Pillows are commissioned pillows made in the image of each person's pet.  They are meant for a bed or couch not for the animal to lie on.

So I can do YOUR pet on a pillow with color choices for borders...  I could vary the size like for a dachshund (longer and thinner :>)

Sweet Pea     Fabric pillow   16 x 16"      Sold

Fido in Black    Fabric pillow 16 x 16"     Sold

Marylynn's twins  Fabric pillow   16 x 16"   Sold 

Libby    Fabric and Paint   16x16"       Sold

Velvet Kitty    Fabric Pillow   16 x16"     Sold

Silly Kitty    Fabric Pillow   16 x 16"        Sold

Conor    Fabric Pillow    16 x 16"      Sold

 Siamese Twins    fabric pillow  14 x14"    Sold

Jack      fabric pillow      16 x16"       Sold

Gracie and her pillow

16x16"      Sold

Minky and her pillow

14x14"    (won't let me sell)

Dexter Pillow

14x16"    Sold

detail dexter pillow

These are my first Pet Pillows made in about 2002.  They have come a long way in both execution and design but I did sell them all or at least I have no idea where they went. 

So if you have a pet you'd like memorialized in fabric then go to my Contact page and we can talk via email.... I charge around $90 plus fgt.    A memory of a life time.