joanie barbier

a variety of cool images in a variety of mediums for a variety of viewers

Avery Mountain  12 x12" Oil   Sold

Midnight Visitors   16 x 20  Gouache   Sold

note card available

Folger's House  12 x 14"  Gouache   Sold

Snowy Bike  16 x 20"  Gouache  Sold


Chalk Cliffs     Oil      12 x 12"    Sold

Monhegan Bay    5 x 7"  Watercolor      n/a

Arkansas River 12 x12"  Oil   $200

Tucker House  12 x 14"  Gouache   Sold

Izzy's     11 x 14"    Gouache   Sold

N.Spain on the Camino     Gouache    8x10  gifted as present.

Crested Butte street scene  Watercolor  8x10

Gifted as present

John's horses    11x14"   gouache   Sold

Box Canyon   Watercolor  11x14"   Sold

Elk Ave.  Fabric collage  18 x 24   Sold

Laundry      32 x 40"   Fabric Collage   Sold