joanie barbier

a variety of cool images in a variety of mediums for a variety of viewers

Chick-a-dee dee  note card 4x5"     $2.50 

Moroccan chickens     note card 4x5"    $2.50 

Waiting Robin     note card 4x5"     $2.50

Jacques' Place    note card 4x5"     $2.50

grey kitty   note card   4x5"   $2.50

Elkton Cabin   note card 4x5"     $2.50

      Bunny     note card   4x5"    $2.50

Alley Cat    note card 4x5"      $2.50

   Yellow kitty    note card  4x5"      $2.50

There are more note cards that I have indicated to be available when you look at the Paintings page or the Fabric Collage page.  It seems redundant to repeat the images again here.  Same price, same size... I sell them in a pack of 6 so $15.00 + fgt.  you can mix and match.